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What Are The Healthiest High Protein Foods?

High protein foods are a brilliant addition...

What Are The Healthiest High Protein Foods?

High protein foods are a brilliant addition to any kitchen cupboard.This is why whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate are a fantastic source of quick digesting liquid protein.

But having protein in ‘solid’ form like that provided by foods high in protein has been shown to have different digestive and nutritional properties. Which is why so many athletes’ cupboards contain a combination of the two. For this very reason THE PROTEIN WORKS™ protein foods range has been created under the exact same core philosophy that governs the manufacturing of our widely-acclaimed protein shakes. Essentially we only ever use the finest quality in all our products - such as: protein pancake, protein cookies and protein granola.

There’s so much research around high protein diets at the moment. Shown to help with everything from losing fat to building muscle, knowing how to choose the right protein foods to use within this type of diet is key.

This is because whilst the benefits of high protein foods for building muscle and aiding recovery have long been known, it’s only recently that dieticians have found certain protein foods have a high satiating effect. What this means is they can keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to foods that are rich in carbohydrates and (certain) fats. Basically they can help you lose fat too and play a key role in weight management.

Our protein foods range is known within sports nutrition for both its nutrient dense nature and its sheer level of innovation.

That’s because it contains products such as our nut butter range from hazelnut and peanut butter as well as our Protein Pancake Mix which is made from exactly the same whey protein that’s been celebrated in the sports media. Or a product that redefines innovation and nutrition; Big Z™. Everyone’s favourite form of nocturnal nutrition is made from exactly the same casein that’s used in our best-selling, slow releasing protein shake.

At TPW™ we’re always looking for ways to improve, both in terms of the sports nutrition we offer and our service. That’s why our entire protein foods is packaged under strict Good Manufacturing Practice and made in sealable, robust containers and packages to ensure they leave the TPW™ Headquarters and arrive with you in the best possible condition. Essentially, exactly the same manufacturing processes that govern our widely-acclaimed protein powder applies to our protein food range too.

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