Paleo Protein


Protein is a greatly valued macronutrient for anyone who follows Paleo dieting principles. Obviously extremely strict Paleo advocates will get most of their protein sources from animal protein and not want to include whey protein their diets or supplement routine. But for those are not so strictly bound by Paleo doctrine this particular section of product range can prove invaluable.

The paleo diet has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Adopted by many successful powerfliters, Olympians and functional weight lifters it encourages us to eat like our paleo ancestors (our caveman grandad and grandma). In short, if a caveman couldn't eat it, neither can you.

This means you can eat everything you can hunt or find from meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies and seeds, but no pasta, sweets and cereal. For this reason the Protein Works range comes packed with the finest Beef Jerky and Biltong. Each and every pack of our Beef Jerky is made from 350g of the best, prime-selected beef and packs a massive 27g of protein. Also every pack of Biltong that leaves Towers is made using a traditional, age-old South African recipe.

But for those who prefer to get their Paleo protein from nuts we have our award-winning butters from the Nuttery. Yes, this includes Peanut butter and Cashew Butter but also contains the largest range of nut butters in the world of sports nutrition. A range that’s exanding all the time.

    • Vegan Wondershake
      Vegan Wondershake

      “The best tasting vegan protein, probably the best tasting protein I’ve tried!” - Stephen

    • Vegan Protein
      Vegan Protein

      "WOW. I did not expect to like this so much…. love this pro... - Verified review posted by Aimee.

    • Diet Vegan Protein
      Diet Vegan Protein

      I've always had their vegan protein so thought I'd try the diet version for a change. Taste...Stef