Fruits, Nuts & Seeds


What Are The Benefits Of Fruits, Nuts & Seeds?

Creating the very finest collection of fruits, nuts and seeds is easy in principle. But it’s hard in practice. Which is why so many brands stock poor quality fruits, nuts and seeds in the hope their customers don’t notice the difference. Well, not us at TPW™ Towers! Long before we launched back in 2012 we spent months finding and farming the very finest ingredients from around the globe. Once (and only once) we were happy, our Operation & Logistics Team began finding the very best way to ship and distribute every product we stocked so it arrived at our customers doorstep packed and ready to eat as fresh as the day it left TPW™ Towers. Now this range has grown, changed and adapted but our high standards and core philosophy remains the same. Whether you buy our Chia Seeds, Goji Berries or our Omega Seed Blend you can be sure they’ve all passed a series of rigorous taste tests and nutritional trials.