Vegan Protein

At Protein Works, we believe in offering our customers nothing but the best-tasting products, made with only the finest ingredients. Our range of vegan proteins is one of the best in Europe and we are proud to be able to offer it now in North America too. Our vegan shakes are dairy free, low in sugar, low in fat and high in protein. They have a first-class nutritional profile too, combining as they do a variety of different plant-based protein sources. Choose from our Vegan Protein : a phenomenal plant-based shake brimming with goodness or go a step extra and choose our vitamin and mineral enriched Vegan Protein Extreme Vegan Protein Extreme. Want something even creamier and velvety smooth in texture? Then Vegan Wondershake is perfect for you. All of our vegan protein shakes are available in a delicious range of flavors. All our vegan proteins are a blend of premium plant-based protein sources, so that with every sip you get the most nutritious shake possible. Whether you are vegan, looking to diversify your range of protein away from solely dairy, or just want to choose a vegan protein shake that tastes absolutely incredible, we have the right shake for you.
    • Vegan Wondershake
      Vegan Wondershake

      “The best tasting vegan protein, probably the best tasting protein I’ve tried!” - Stephen

    • Vegan Protein Extreme
      Vegan Protein Extreme

      “Hands down the best vegan protein I've tried. Love the choice of flavors and they all t...Taylor

    • Vegan Diet Meal Replacement Extreme
      Vegan Diet Meal Replacement Extreme

      “I normally buy the Standard version so I thought I would try this instead! This has lo...– Emily*

    • Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme
      Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme

      "Really struggled to get my calories in but this Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme made it so much...Neil*

    • Vegan Diet Meal Replacement
      Vegan Diet Meal Replacement

      “Tried this as an alternative to Huel and very glad I did. As well as having a great taste,...Sam*

    • Vegan Complete 360 Meal
      Vegan Complete 360 Meal

      “Got on this big time, saves the cash at lunch time, beats all the awful nutritionals fr...-*Jamie

    • Vegan Protein
      Vegan Protein

      "WOW. I did not expect to like this so much…. love this pro... - Verified review posted by Aimee.

    • Vegan Mass Gainer
      Vegan Mass Gainer

      "Solid product - since turning vegan i've been struggling to gain mass. Tastes good, nails m...Ben

    • Pea Protein 80
      Pea Protein 80

      "This is my absolute go to Vegan Shake! Taste is great, silky smooth texture and value for ...Alex