Loaded Nuts - Cookies 'n' Cream Plunge

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Loaded Nuts - Cookies 'n' Cream Plunge

"All of my friends are going mad for this at the moment. Words cannot describe its taste – rich peanut butter, amazing consistency with actual chunks of cookie!!" Jess


Permission to scramble your senses and re-invent your definition of peanut butter. The protein works.™ nuttery has blended premium roasted peanuts, real cookie pieces and real white chocolate to create something off the chart. Hit the 10m board with a cheeky smile to the crowd as you plunge to nutty gold.

Loaded Nuts

Spread IT With Loaded Nuts

Release the cookie monster in you and dive headfirst into our Cookies ‘n' Cream Plunge. At its core is smooth, roasted peanuts rich in healthy fats and fibre that is then layered in silky smooth white chocolate infused with chunky cookie pieces to create a super premium nut butter unlike any other.

Super Premium Nut Butter

We've taken the Ben & Jerry's® super premium ice-cream concept that we all know and love and applied it to peanut butter. Each tub of Loaded Nuts is crammed full of treat pieces wrapped up in delicious organic peanut butter to create unique flavour combinations that will have you grabbing for a spoon at all times of day and night. By the way, it's massively healthier for you than ice-cream as well!

Loaded Nuts
Loaded Nuts

Come Inside The Nuttery

Nearly every nut butter you've ever eaten in your life will have been produced by a third party manufacturer. That's a faceless, hidden away factory that has no connection with the brand you are buying it from, other than a contract. We don’t think that's right. It's not transparent. It means product quality has to be reduced so every part of the supply chain can get their piece of profit. For us, it's just not the way we roll.

At Protein Works, things are a little different. We are so passionate about what we do and we love to challenge the establishment. So we built our own peanut butter innovation and production facility right here in Cheshire, called The Nuttery. We do everything. Our talented team of nutritionists and chefs, create every Loaded Nuts™ from raw idea to finished pot, with an amazing focus on the finest quality ingredients and the most incredible taste. Put simply, you're getting the real deal.