Amino Acid Tablets


Amino Acid Tablets are the building blocks of protein within your muscles. Without these small but mighty tablets, your muscles take longer to recover which is not good news for your gains!

TPW™ Amino Acid Supplements are available in two insane natural blends BCAA Ultra 5:1:1 and BCAA tablets, all engineered to help your muscles grow as nature intended. Both have different benefits to the body but the science behind it is the same. Simply, TPW™ Amino Acid helps to aid protein synthesis, giving you peace at mind that after a hard session your muscles will be drip fed a blend of bicep boosting love. TPW™ Amino Acid tablets have shown to help promote lean muscle mass and improve body composition. Pretty good for a tub of tablets. We also have a range of amino acid powders, but if that doesn't give you full confidence get in touch with our customer service team who will happily have a chat about what Amino Acid Blend is best for you.

    • BCAA Ultra
      BCAA Ultra

      "Nobody who trains should be without this stuff - You feel good taking BCAA. Helps lose fat...Carl

    • BCAA Complex
      BCAA Complex

      "Love taking these BCAA's. I find these help recovery after gruelling workouts! A must if...Daniel