At Protein Works, we understand that as well as protein shakes, sports pills offer the most convenient way for an athlete to get certain key nutrients into their diets. That’s why we’ve taken a range of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and single extracts and put them into a pill form, so you are better able to support your elevated nutritional needs before, during and after training.

Our supplements range offers a comprehensive list of the very best sports nutrition but rest assured we will always be looking to expand this range. This is to ensure we continually deliver on our promise to offer PERSONAL nutrition to everyone because we understand that no one’s nutritional requirements are the same and so the more diverse our range, the more choice we can offer you. Within this sports pill range we’ve included fat loss pills that contain heavily researched ingredients. Creatine pills based on creatine’s to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. Multi-vitamins, amino acids and the highest grade fish oil to supply the body with a pure form of healthy fats that have a great EPA and DHA content.

    • Multivitamin Gummies

      “Love these! Taste just like a gummy sweet, so much better than tablets” Taylor

    • Super Greens Extreme

      “I have zero idea how I got my greens intake before I discovered this. Daily dose should be...Alex

    • Endless Nootropic

      “Give it 20-30 mins and you’ll be in the zone. Only tried the blue raspberry but tastes jus...Brad

    • Creatine Extreme

      "Maintaining my creatine and beta-alanine intake is a doddle with this. Tastes awesome to...Damien