Amino Acids

Research shows getting the right ...

Research shows getting the right Essential Amino Acids in your diet will help aid Post Workout Recovery. Here at TPW™ we’ve created some of the purest Amino Acid Products on the market which supersize your protein synthesis.

Often you’ll find other BCAA Powders which come out lumpy and slow to absorb, however, all our BCAA powder and products use iBCAA’s (Instantised Branched Chain Amino Acids) to ensure you get the best taste and results. BCAA’s have shown in studies that when taken post workout, they have a very positive effect on Muscle repair and growth leaving you feeling less aches and pains after a tough training session. Our BCAA Ultra 5:1:1 takes BCAA’s to another level with it’s innovative 5:1:1 ratio giving you extra Leucine content to trigger your body's muscle building program quicker to allow you to recover at a faster rate.

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