Active Shaker
Active Shaker

Active Shaker

"I love this shaker. I take it to the gym, work, walks. Super practical and trustworthy!" - Leanne

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The Active Shaker from Protein Works use premium plastic and comes at an affordable price. It’s coffee-cup sized based make it the ideal shaker to fit in your car cup holder.

Weighing in at 600ml capacity, it is ideal for just about any protein powder, with the exception of full-serving mass gainers.

Its timeless design and rigid structure make it a long term partner for your shakes and you. It comes with a mesh grid as standard to guarantee you super smooth, clump-free shakes every time.

More About The Active Shaker

It will make short change of any powder formulation or liquid you throw at it. It works equally as well with water or any kind of milk.

The shaker is super easy to wash as it disassembles into 3 parts, allowing you to clean without any dramas. If you’re looking for a shaker for all conditions and to support you in any activity, then the Active Shaker has it nailed.

  • High Quality Durable Plastic
  • Robust & Rigid Construction
  • Removeable Mesh Grid
  • 600ml Capacity
  • At-a-Glance Measuring Guide
  • Secure Lock Closure
  • Protein Works Branding

Smooth & Convenient

The Active Shaker comes with a removeable mesh grid in the neck of the shaker, which is designed to help break up clumped or grainy powder into a fine, soluble form. Whatever the thickness of liquid, it quickly transforms into a smooth consistency with this shaker.

Unlike most shakers on the marker today, the Active Shaker fits perfectly into your cup holder in your car or just about anywhere you have a cup holder. This means you can consume your shake on the go without any dramas.

Secure & Simple

The screw top lid fits reassuringly tight on this shaker and the cap click is one of the firmest we have seen. Over months of usage, we have always founds the Active Shaker to deliver effortlessly. You can make your shake before you’re on the go, safe in the knowledge it wont spill all over you or your gym bag.

You can shake with confidence, whatever you’re wearing and wherever you are, as this tough cookie is designed to withstand even the most vigorous of shakes. You shouldn’t have to endure any more of those occasional “shake disasters”!

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