Chocolate Biscuit Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar
Chocolate Biscuit Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar

Chocolate Biscuit Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar

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“WOW! I’ve tried a lot of protein bars and these are the most candy-bar like I’ve tried, awesome flavor” - Melanie


Welcome to the best-tasting vegan protein bar on the planet.

Introducing Chocolate Biscuit Crunch Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars! These delicious vegan chocolate-coated bars deliver an indulgent, multi-layered experience featuring a cookie dough filling, crunchy cookie pieces, gooey caramel, and nuts. A combination made in heaven!

At under 1g of sugar per bar, Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars will quickly become your favorite go-to healthy snack.

Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars were designed to balance your conscience and your cravings. They’re high in protein, fully plant based, and purposefully palm oil free.

In addition to being low in sugar, they’re also gluten free and high in fiber. There are no preservatives, artificial flavor, or artificial colors in our Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars either.

We use only the best quality ingredients to deliver a nutritious and indulgent taste and texture experience.



Why ‘Ridiculous’?



We spent many months working on a protein bar that would outweigh the competition in both nutrition and taste. We wanted a bar that would be vegan and, unlike other protein bars in the market, have no palm oil whatsoever. After several months, we finally had the perfect protein bar. And we named it Ridiculous. Why? Because it’s ridiculously tasty! Ridiculously good. It’s not just its delicious taste that makes it ridiculous though, the ingredients and nutritional profile of each and every protein bar in our Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar range is ridiculous too. All bars are:

  • Fully plant based
  • Purposely palm oil free
  • High protein & less than 1g of sugar
  • Under 200 calories
  • Completely gluten free
  • Without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Delicious in taste, with multiple layers of indulgence
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What are the benefits of Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars?



Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars are the perfect size to enjoy on-the-go, at the gym, at work, or whenever you most want a bite of something sweet but low in sugar, high in protein, and high in fiber. They have an unparalleled texture and taste similar to a candy bar at a fraction of the calories and sugar.

Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars are the perfect snack to beat your cravings and support your health and fitness goals. They are 100% vegan and 100% free of palm oil too, helping to reduce your intake of animal-based products and minimize your impact on the environment.

There is zero compromise for your taste buds, your body, or your conscience with these delicious vegan protein bars.



How to enjoy Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars



We crafted this plant based snack into perfectly-sized portions. At just under 2oz per a bar, Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars are a convenient and balanced portion-sized snack to stave off hunger while delivering you a balanced and nutritious treat.

Enjoy a Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar alongside your morning coffee, before or after the gym, as an on-the-go snack, or a quick treat to enjoy at work or in the evening when you most crave a sweet and delicious pick-me-up.

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